Sunday, February 13, 2011

time in states

hello readers, how have u girls and guys been?

hows your CNY been? hows ur holidays been?i bet is definitely happening and least better then me here in states..anyway, i m here for my mum. spent my chinese new year and valentines day here, and even my 2nd annivesary with my baby.anyway... i m being optimistic, its not end of the world..i'll enjoy my days here.i have 38 days to go.. not too long and not too short either.

last week, aunty ginny brought me to a puerto rico restaurant..and god who knows, their food was awesome! of my fav dish :) its totally healthy, vegetarian and no oil!.. slurpee!

she also purposely take me to a mall which is 45 mins away from our town just to shop at forever 21, abercrombie and h&m :)
awww... thanks.. and she know i love all of those!

lately, been spending alot of time staying home whole week, or staying at my mums friends chinese restaurant to help up..

guess what, this is my only friend here...her name, alexandria kwan...u'll never believe she's only 16. but what matters is i can get along with her well.. :)

my mum promise me , the next following weeks will be bringing me downtown san francisco and vacaville outlet, cant wait.. XD and guess what! i've gain like 2kgs where i m here. yeah.... im totally happy right now, trying to stuff myself with more cheese. hehe.

wish come true XD

xoxo, Liza

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