Monday, May 26, 2014

celebrating Daph's birthday for the 1st time !

Finally it was Friday that day, and why am i so excited about it?
Eventually we've planned this day since a week ago especially for Daph as her birthday is around the corner.
She use to love.... erm, no! i mean she always loves Western Food so much, anything as long as it is Western, but surprisingly she offer us Chinses cuisine in the end, like finally, soup and rice rather than pasta and steak. :)

So i was working that day, and i rush home and get myself all prepared, and off i m out to meet the girls at Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Apparently, this restaurant has very good comments on and indeed after trying it, the food was awesome!
no regrets!
good soup, good seafoods, good noodles, good meat and our dessert, DAPH'S CAKE !!

BabeLeng did a very good job in making sure this cake was done on time for the dinner.
Thanks Leng Leng :)
Beautiful taken picture by the birthday girl.

Next, i will be sharing the nicely done food by Ming Room.
we had so much fun just munching and talking and bonding.

Let the picture talk!

There were more food actually, but we ended up forgetting about the cameras and pictures.. TSK TSK~

Finally.... Group picture of us!
not to forget also, our beloved Bunny and Vivi, at Aussie and Penang.

Its really hard to really get everyone together as we grow, but memories will never be wash away, we are always waiting for you both babies... :)

And of course,for a TGIF night, here we are Moet Night party @Providence.

Happy Birthday Daphne!!!! this is the first time celebrating your birthday with me, and hope its not gonna stop just like the rest of us <3 p="">

More years to come for our Friendship Daph <3 p="">

xoxo Liza Lim

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm back!

hello readers,

I'm back to blog, hopefully,for sure. :) I bet some of you would not remember me, or some of you might have been supporting me through Instagram and Facebook, since my blog has been dead since God who knows when. 

I never regretted that i used to blog, and thats the reason i choose to blog again. 
Many of you might not remember coz ive change hell alot since the last post, i mean how i look like right now compare to 3 years ago which is my recent post.

im gonna post one of my recent solo picture, in order to recap you guys how i look like right now, and i really dont look like how i look like before. LOL


This is me right now:)
 for you guys who actually came and look at my "really old blog" from facebook, i would like to say thanks for the support, and to the newbies who have not seen any of my page before, WELCOME:)

and ya, talking about life style, ive change alot compared to three years ago,anyway i did not delete all of my old post, coz it has memories and you guys able to see the changes that ive change since than.

no offense, complexion of my face does make a difference. I do still sleep at AMs and not really having a very healthy lifestyle, but i bet growing up using proper products for your skin and eating correctly does help me change alot.

I hope i'll keep u guys updated on my future days,

and TATA..... 
ill keep you guys posted on what ive been doing at the past,present and prolly future planning. :)

xoxo Liza

p/s:info, the bottle of juice that im holding is from StripJuice, any further information, you may click the links below that ive  provided :)

instagram: @stripjuice