Wednesday, February 23, 2011


have you guys tried, like when ur trying to solve problems here, and that person turn her back on u, and say yes she would like too, but her heart does not? some people try so hard to fix things back and at least turn it back times but the other person does not want too.

sometimes, its hard to maintain a friendship between u and someone, when there are so many friends in ur life running around, comes and go. i really do appreciate friends who i know for yearsssss backk then, they still stick around in my life now, being part of my life. i believe everyone wants to have a friend better then having an enemy, why cant u just let go, and accept the fact that we're all grown up now. maybe there are things that i did back than which probably u'll be remembering it until now, but honestly speaking, i dont rmb at all. i always admit if i did smtg wrong, i dont push it away, i admit and accept it. if yes i really did then sorry, but what u want me to do? kill myself? vanish myself?

if making myself invisible in ur life makes u happier, i will just treat that u doesnt exist, but why u keep spelling out my name when u doesnt like me to exist? this is making u more misereable then i am.
one of my friend sended me a msg on tweeter and what she said was right. people who spend time on hating someone else, are more tired then ppl who are being hate.

i seriously not tht kind of person who likes drama, and argue for nothing. what we are doing now is pointless. maybe u feel is meaningful for u, but not me.
if u hate me tht much, just treat that i doesnt exist alright? no more spelling out my name, just i doesnt exist, that will make it alot easier.

honestly, i've tried to fix things, and then u did tht, i was syok. never thought someone will say that to me, i never thought someone will hate me that much.

i'm done! we're done. u make the situation alot uglier than i imagine.

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