Monday, February 14, 2011

V's Day

Happy valentines day everyone,
its 14th feb 2011 now, 2.08pm.

just wanna wish all couples and friends and families to have a very memorable and romantic day with ur loves ones, valentines can be for anyone, from partners to families or friends.
spend this day with ur special one and tell them hw much u love "us".

valentines to me is another day or occasion for us to celebrate.
some people or couples might take it as a big day, but some couples might not.
but whatever is it, no matter is valentines day or whatever couples day,
we shld love and cherish our love ones.... and remember to never forget ur love ones back home on valentines, coz without them, there will never be you.

this was my first ever pic with my baby boy....
it was on valentines day too..but this was taken at 2009.
look how innocent we looked.. XD

just want you to know, though i m not there with u for valentines and our annivesary,
but no big deal, coz we have it every year. but for us, everyday is a valentines day <3

Love You, xoxo

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