Monday, August 31, 2009


so finally.. i am back to poppy..
it's been so long since the last time i step into poppy...
but actually that day was baby's friends birthday but i tag along so that i can meet up my babes..^^ safe time..
so as usual.. i called bao bei and told her i will be there and hope she will come along ..
and she manage to tag along with me for awhile..
so long never see her...

and of couse... babe val was there.. she needs to work definitely..^^
thank you valerie for all the things u did tht day..
so sorry to trouble ^^

3 of us...
love it..^^

with bao bei...
we need to really take pictures more often and see more often..
but i believe though we dont see each other as much as previous time..
we still "talk non stop" when we see...^^
love u much!^^

sweetie val...^^

vincent and miao was there..

lily and myself

oh ya.. we went to poppy that day with chee keen and his wife..^^

i felt so tired that day when the clock starts to touch 1am...
all this time i have been sleeping early and wake up early to classes..
not used to poppy's time already...
good news or bad news??

Sunday, August 23, 2009


y such action is on our dictionary..
humans are so uncontrolled nowadays...
suicidal is everyday, everywhere..
some humans just stands so hard on their feelings to keep themself away from evil..
but... sometimes when emotional comes..
i agreed that.. it is not as easy as we think to control feelings..
i used to think their stupid..
but.. i could maybe now starts to understand a little of the suicidal theory..

sometimes the people who threaten the victim should know the limit of such human..
not everyone can stands their feeling long enough till they wakes up from the evil part..
sometimes we just need to tolerate..

sometimes giving a little empty space to the victim might work in a certain place..


Friday, August 21, 2009

taylor swift- our song

taylor swift-our song

another great song from taylor swift...
omg! she is just so gorgeous..
all the songs she wrote is eeking...nice!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

sudden quiet..

sad to say this..
some of my friends are leaving me.. or us..

there are some who confirm leaving and there are some maybe leaving..
"really.. i understand the situation..
sorry to say.. heartache definitely got... we've been spending so much time together..
since the semester 1.. we help each other to pass or even score for exams..
and now.. almost half of the course we've been seeing each other most of the time..
but things change and humans might change due to the environment..
i totally understand...
thanks for always saying.. "okay" "sure" "anything" whenever we ask for help...
haha... next time meet new friends say something longer la!!..

as u say.. sudden quiet...
for me .. a sudden quiet is where i receive knowledge now..

no worries.. i cherish u guys a lot..
i guarantee.. we will still meet somehow somewhere..

we will...

no hard feeling drew...
just wanna express.. ^^..

p/s: wish u have a bright future.. somewhere where u going on after this...^^
good luck buddy!!...
love always... Liza

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wedding bells

another wedding bells is gonna happen soon..
cheers to the couples..^^
on the 19th august 2009..
baby's eldest sister having their photo shooting session..
i mean wedding ones...
so i tag along with his family to go and have a look..^^

it was located at the ivory romance in loke yew..
beautiful shop and nice design..

overall is fun going out with baby;s family..
^^ their funny...

so this is baby's sister.. her name is siok yee..^^

baby dealing with his shoe..^^

myself and the bride...
where is the groom???

myself, bride, and baby's second elder sister.. mei yee..^^

myself and baby..

baby is always so playful.. playing with allt he grooms costume!..
naughty... piak piak!!

us again hehe.. :)

bride with her sister and mother..

what is he trying to do??
mu turn?? haha

auntie and uncle are married..
wanna marry again?? haha

those are real..
look fake is it?

^^ mei yee jie jie likes taking pictures..
same like me.. haha

thats all for the day..
what about the groom??
haha went missing.. to shy and tired to entertain us girls..
coz he got tons pictures to take.. haha

poor thing..
but its worth of tiring...


Monday, August 17, 2009

coming soon

movies i definitely have to watch!...
cant wait for them to come up soon...

final destination..
"rest in pieces"
very catchy tagline... i like it..!^^
this is the link to view the trailer..^^

second one..
orphan!.. great movie i think..
read the synopsis..
very interesting story board..
u will never thought this is the way it is...
the link...

twilight the new moon!..
cant wait for this..
robert pattinson..
i was once crazy about him...
but not now anymore..^^
but he still really act good in this movie..
portray very well in the character.. edward cullen.

i will squeeze my butt in to the cinema to watch!..


Sunday, August 16, 2009

sweetie nana's 18th birthday!

on the 15th of august...
two of my friends birthday..
i gotta pick go..
one is my babe... another one was my long time no see school mate..
omg!.. i was so confusing.. but in the end.. i was in
so i end up went to babe nana's party at federal hotel..
but before that... i suppose to meet up all my babes for a drink and lunch..
plus looking for present.. but end up.. some show up.. some dont..
ish..!... cancel again.. but at least we meet at night at the party...
that's totally fine with me..
so at first baby wants to get a hair cut.. so we went to maxx hair saloon..
done already!
we just chill at starbucks for awhile..
i guess who i met!... liyi!..
my lao poh.. omg!.. since ages never see her.. we have tons to talk..^^
this is her.. start from left.. li yi, bao bei and myself.
this picture was taken maybe a year ago.. hehe

ok so let me continue...
after chillin... meet babe nana and maxx hair saloon.. getting her nails done.
so took some picture with her..
happy birthday sweetie!.

n then we went boundless.. babes picture time..

when we were chilling at leng's hse.. we took some pictures too...

meet babe jack at so she decided to join us!
hella long never hug this sweetie pie de..!


so once we arrive de hotel..
party start.. camwhore!
all girls.. look how happy we are... :)

finally all babes is inside the frame...^^

happy birthday sweetie!..
big girl.. and be a good girl..!..

wow... present time..
i left early with baby coz we have something else to do..
sorry babe..
but i hope u like the pressie..

babe nana and myself...^^

got this Polaroid pictures from babe chuck's blog.. nicey..^^
love ya..^^

another sweetie of mine.. val!.. love u much

bao bei really make me laugh always!..

didnt manage to take much picture with babe leng and babe chuck! :( forget bout them.
so sorry..
:( will see someday and catch up right?

love you guys...