Monday, February 21, 2011

shopping spree ♥

Hello my readers, hope u guys had a great weekend but for me i had a great weekend definitely. Mum keep her promise and took a day off, brought me to Vacaville Premium Outlet . it is so big!! we dont even have the time to walk the whole outlet though we spend like more then 6 hours there. Imagine how big that can be? so me, my mum, my stepdad and one of my aunt we just walk one side of the outlet where our fav shops is, such as, coach( My mum hella crazy inside coz its so cheap :), we spend almost 1hour and more inside) , DKNY, Juicy couture, adidas, nike, lacoste, polo, gucci, burberry and alot more! i didnt buy much stuffs for myself because i spend all my money for my bf and presents for friends. :( but its fine. im happy :)
before i show u all my pictures,
tell u guys smtg! i was so pissed when we were otw there, because i forgot to bring my most important thing , come on! im on vacation and my camera is left at home on my bed!!!!
i was so PISSED! like pissed pissed! but i can do ntg, but just F'ing deal with it. ARGH! Luckily my aunt brought hers, though not tht good quality, at least better then nothing. But i end up, didnt take much pictures coz it was so cold there, almost like 8 degree celcius. No mood to take picture with those sucky weathers. Awwww, i miss KL weather so much!

so this is roughly how the place look like, but i can probably just google the pictures and put it here, but i guess using my own pictures are better. :)

it looks not tht much here, but trust me, the back of our car was like full of shopping bags till when u open it, those things are gonna fall out the car. haahhahaha Thanks mum!

My beloved mum and myself! i have no choice but take pic when we're at home with my camera.

my stepdad and myself, u guys will be wondering, isnt my stepdad a white? hehe. He's an american, but he's mix american, mexican and portugese, thats why he's dark. No matter what, he is such a lovely guy, nobody doesnt likes him :)

3 of us♥

Me and my new stuffs. welcome home "stuffs" XD

so our next trip will be to San Francisco City......... i wanna go there and shop again!hope my mum got her off days again. After a fun weekend, i bet my whole next week is staying home again....


♥xoxo , L

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