Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Mist

H-Artistry, “The Global Art of Mixing” will mark its return to the Kuala Lumpur nightlife with its third KL instalment all set to enthral fans on September 18. Promising a colourful blend of music, delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks and an expected crowd of 800 sophisticated clubbers, the most talked about party in town will this time, be storming Mist Club KL.

With collaborative performances, visual stimulation and new digital interactions, H-Artistry will be back to give KL folks a contemporary clubbing platform that is bold, daring and fresh, culminating in the ultimate blend of urban sounds and cultures that come together through electrifying performances that will leave them awestruck and craving for more – all these in one unforgettable night.

On the music front, the H-Artistry party in September promises a never before seen revolutionary clubbing experience through its colourful mish-mash of music artistry and a combination of performers from both local and international acts.

Headlining the night is ZE!, a Malaysian electro-pop singer who has made it big in the international stage, having performed across the globe through her performances for Chicks on Speed, Don Rimini, Mickey Moonlight & Afrikan Boy. Currently, she is touring in Europe with world-renowned French DJ / Producer, Joachim Garraud (a producer of stars such as David Guetta, David Bowie, and Kylie Minogue). This loud and brash disco rebel is hugely influenced by Madonna and ZE!’s style has drawn comparisons to Lady Gaga, The Ting Tings, M.I.A. and Santigold. She recently released her latest album, “I Am Glam”.

Joining her on the H-Artistry stage is Singaporean extraordinaire, DJ Inquisitive. Besides being a world-class turntablist & battle DJ, he has also rocked clubs and festivals around Asia and Europe, sharing the stage alongside international acts such as Diplo, Steve Aoki, Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, Samantha Ronson, LA Riots and Kaiser Chiefs. A dedicated and extraordinary talent, DJ Inquisitive was also placed fourth at the DMC World DJ Championships (the most prestigious DJ competition in the world). A climatic performance that will have any audience go wild, Inquisitive will be looking to bring the house down with his blend of highly-energetic electro sounds.

Revelers can also expect to be blown away by DJ Nesh, one of the top DJs the country has ever produced. He has played alongside DJ Fluke and Nick Toth internationally, collaborated with the Teh Tarik Crew and MC Vandal locally, and is currently the resident DJ at Euphoria by Ministry of Sounds. Expect a busy night on the dance floor as DJ Nesh spins tunes that are sure to keep the crowd at Mist pumped-up and moving.

With more than just music reverberating through the club’s walls, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is where sights, sounds and tastes find the perfect match. The blending of musical experiences provides the core essence, while Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks provide the evening’s inimitable spirit to complete the distinct ultimate clubbing experience.

Passes to Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is by-invitation only. To obtain invitations to the party at Mist Club KL, logon to Alternatively, to relive the experience of past H-Artistry events or to receive updates on the upcoming party, visit the official Facebook fan page: or follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

hey peeps, what are you waiting for? Let's party, see you in mist!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kilograms adding up ++

Can anybody see the difference between this two picture...
i can..
my hands, my face, my waist, my tummy, my tighs my everything!
is turning.. FAT!~
Thanks to baby, always giving me good food to munch on...
and all fattening...
i've actually put on 5KG's after i'm in a relationship with him...
so should i put a hand of applause for myself or.....
telling myself "please stop eating?"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malacca-->satay celup--> car dead

24th August 2010
Baby and Daogei suggested to go a one day trip to ipoh..
but whats good in ipoh? nga choi kai??
hmph.. i dont fancy it at all...
Why not Malacca?
yeah great, when i think about malacca,
i can think about any food which i'll be able to eat there.
Baby picked me up at 6pm, and we rush to DG house as usual...
have a little chat, left the house at 7pm.
picture that we took while waiting for Dao gei and Lily..
anyway his real name is not "dao gei"
and when we call him daogei does not mean he is.. XD
i mean,... its hard to explain here..
anyway he is a 21 year old guy... teehee..
suppose to take 1 hour to reach malacca, bt we ended up,
2 and a half hours =.="
thanks to baby not focusing on the sign board.
and we went to Muar. Shit!..
back to the point,
satay celup for dinner :)

and guess what?

we called Casey! he's in Malacca.. :)

yeah... the picture below showed us taken 8 months ago...

There he is... at satay celup.

Just for a dinner from Malacca,

and heading back to KL..

and he goes "vroom vrooom vroom " with his car..

and suddenly "boop~"..

the car stops..

broken down... :(

waited for 30 min for Miao Moh bro come,

and even Miao came :)

Car toll....

reached home at 2am...Zzzzz

bed time..

had a simple and great night.

*best part is Satay celup*..


Thursday, August 19, 2010

.. give him a break

I'm pretty upset when i watch this video,

why cant people just give him a break.

he is just a kid who's trying to be like the others.

just because of he is young, and he dont have the ability to make his way?

why not people throwing on Usher???

but why him??..

Childish people doing childish actions..

give him a break...

should i?

My hair is too long....
and bored....
should i go shorter...

♥♥Sweetie pie NaNa's Day♥♥

Once again happy birthday to sweetie Nana...♥♥

on the 14th of august,

Babe Nana had a birthday bash at Ecoba, The curve.

at first she told us that the theme was "funky"

as in colourfull,

i was so excited and nervous,

coz firstly i dont look funky right? :)

but in the end she changed in to White party!..

hell yeah, easier to wear and match now... :)

so we were all suppose to wear white,

and the sweet girl wore blue that day...

so yeah this is how her "blue" looks like..

with her birthday cake from Huannie....

we have total more that 20 ppl there including guys and girls.

thanks for inviting babe...

heart you always..

Here are some pictures,

we were playing with one of gifts,

Balloons.... :)

by the way this is call the Chu Yuk Yun..

look at his face..

how round... muahahaha...

Silly action....

Bao bei vivi....
Estelle and vivi in the house... :)

just trying to act cool...


Maddy was there too!!

Omg you've lost alot of weight!.
pls eat... i mean like eat more babe...

happy to see you there.... love ya lots.
we've been through many things together since 19.

hope to see you have a better life..

anyhow, lets not get emo now with maddy's stuffs, :)

here's some pictures of me and my bao bei...

never missed you out too,
we've been through more than anyone can imagine bb....

Evangie is in the house.. :)

Sorry Cherrie didnt manage to catch a picture with you.
hope to see you soon so we can seriously sit down and talk..


Me and my cousin from paris, Estelle.

she comes back every 6 month back and forth.
sorry i was so boring, and i didnt manage to take you anywhere.

but yes it is, my life now is kinda simple....

Liz and me... Leng's younger sista joined us too...

i wonder, where is babe leng? didnt manage to capture with her..

:( saddo!

awww.... Jane and Nana...

they are the youngest among us all,
yet ther gorgeous ones.

love u both alots.
being with u both like being with small little kids filled with love... :)

lovey dovey <3

BB Vivi, maddy and Myself

Polaroid again,

on my birthday i get to keep all of it from Nana's polaroid,

bt this time, its her turn :)

Finally one shot with Jane... <3

The Girls...<3

The boys..

argh Ivan be serious pls.........

Never missed out Babe Jacklyn and Daphne.

Nice to meet you Daphne. <3

and Jacklyn is here,

i'm glad to bump in to her.

i'll always remember all the fun memories we had together before,


Loving u Jack... <3

Finally, let me end with Nana's picture.

Happy 19th birthday once again babe...:)

Love you always.

your always part of my Love too....♥♥

and never gonna miss u out too BUNNY!...

hope u see this.. we'll miss you... :)

P:s - there were more people there, sorry if i didnt really talk, coz it was too noisy and alot people were there.

hope i'll meet you guys and girls again and we'll have a good talk.

especially the guys, no time to entertain you guys.. :)

one and only picture with babe Leng... ;(

where have u been???

another birthday, Opiumm

Last month was elaine's 21st birthday,
so we decided to celebrate it in Jaya One, Opiumm.
is also where i celebrated my 21st birthday this year.
we had a great time GG"ing and talking bout our old times.
"high school times"
Frankly speaking, i miss those times alot. :(
so anyway,
the first picture on the top is me myself, and Elaine.

and then Sum yi here.

And then pek yun, elaine, and anna here

All the girls here,
we are from PESS by the way..:)

myself and Mun jing

The couple :)

Hope you like the present sweetie...:)
Happy 21st birthday.....
Love , Liza