Sunday, January 16, 2011

outing with loves

went for karaoke session with <3>

spent my last weekend in KL with the babes.

not gonna post much or type much,

but wanna thanks for all the wishes i get from bbm,fb, and twitter.

gonna miss u girls and guys alot, and expecially food in KL!!!!..
gonna try my best to post more and blog more when im in the states.

stay tune.

u were not here on saturday, but i'll miss u too bb.. <3

same goes to bunny if ur reading.. :)

4 of us <3>
i'll be looking forward to see ur teeth when im back babe..
nana pie, i'll be missing ur voice alot while im away.... teeheeee XD

jane, gonna miss ur sweetness babe... :)

last but not least

will be missing baby boy alot!!!

i'll be back in 2 months to check on u o...


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