Saturday, December 12, 2009

so outdated

for the pass few months..
i've been neglected my blog so much...
that until it is totally out of date!!!..
and i am so away from the internet world..
due to my laptop crash...

why???? just dont wanna say it again and again..


this is the minimal time i have to use this "not my laptop" to upload some of the stuffs..

i hope i can really update you all...

especially my girls out there who dont know what i am up to nowadays..


for the pass few months..
i've attended weddings and only one outing with my bao bei...


so... i wont be long in this post.. due to my limited time...

so here are some of the pictures of my baby's elder sister's wedding...^^

i am the ji mui le...^^

so ya.... there are tons of pictures... but for now..
i'll post this first...

hehe sorry !!!

and then on last wed...
i went out with my bao bei!!

so sorry been ages i've never see u!!!!

miss u like hell la!!..

with all those chats we had!!...

was remarkable.!!

i just like the way you know.. when we never see each other for so long..

but yet!!!... our chat is never fades...

there are always things for us to talk about haha..


i'll call u again after my exam i promise bao bei^^

so here are some pic..

we manage to catch the snow show at pavillion at 8pm..~

haha.. so call.. we did spend a day together... in a snowing day... hahaha

this two pictures edited by vivi... it much!!

that day was a great shopping day with u..

we spend hell lots of money i guess...

hehe... but we did had a great time..!!!

girls talk, heart talk... whatever talk u name it..
we got it...^^

love u much...!!

im happy to hear tht u and botak is going well!!...

will call u again my dear!!