Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovin this City

Another week passed. good indeed... 3 weeks and 4days to go. Sounds like its nearer. XD So lately i've been sleeping quite late like in am's. many friends accompanying me in msn and fb, and u know who u r if ur reading :) and i trying to keep up with kl time i guess. Having pretty bad eye bags and dark circle now...wondering how am i gonna fix this when i'm back to KL... haih~
and i cant wait to go back because i'll have a busy month on april when i go back, 3 trips and wedding dinner to attend, and my birthday!wu hoo.... lets look forward!!!
Okay! lets not get sad about all my late sleeps and puffy eyes coming up thing.. picture below shows that im trying to capture the golden gate bridge from outside the window and myself in the shot, and i think i did it. did i?? LOL. were passing by the bridge when we're on the way to San francisco downtown for shopping. i seriously dont know what is the history and story about this Golden Gate Bridge, but pretty everyone knows it and its a tourist attraction place.

view from car window

spot the golden gate bridge from my window?

mum came back on friday and say "lets go to San francisco tomorrow!" , and i was like what? what????? serious?..... yippie!! im happy... cant wait to drive down to that beautiful city.. so ita about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive, i was trying to entertain myself in the car with camwhoring and being silly with the camera... XD

the weather was extremely cold! you can see water dripping turns to ice when it touches the car god!.. probably lower then 10 degree celcius! my lips are cracking, turning all red, and i need cherry chapstick right now!...
we stop our car at starbuck just to get a cup of coffee for my mum, and a green tea latte for myself. Slurpee! missing it <3 href="">
showing off my new shoes i bought in vacaville. so Comfy...... :)and ignore my smelly shoe at the side LOL

Finally we arrived! after all the long hours drive and traffic. one shot of me and my beloved parents! <3>
let the pictures talk....

this is Wenye in this picture, she's a malaysian. but she migrated over here when she was 14 and she found me on faceook knowing me will be here.. so this is our first time meeting, she definitely is a sweet girl..:) never thought meeting friends in San Francisco, cant wait for ur trip to KL so i can bring u around girl.... <3>

she brought us to a Thai restaurant,uhm!!! the food is delicious, thanks Wenye :)

Thank you mama! <3>

as usual went to few of my fav shops!..

though we only spend half day at the city, but its worth it! it is beautiful... wish to go down again.alright its time for a bath!!im trying to post more things soon to keep my babes and friends out there updated! coming back soon.... <3>


  1. Waaaa.....lots of things wooo......happy la...xD

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