Sunday, January 16, 2011

outing with loves

went for karaoke session with <3>

spent my last weekend in KL with the babes.

not gonna post much or type much,

but wanna thanks for all the wishes i get from bbm,fb, and twitter.

gonna miss u girls and guys alot, and expecially food in KL!!!!..
gonna try my best to post more and blog more when im in the states.

stay tune.

u were not here on saturday, but i'll miss u too bb.. <3

same goes to bunny if ur reading.. :)

4 of us <3>
i'll be looking forward to see ur teeth when im back babe..
nana pie, i'll be missing ur voice alot while im away.... teeheeee XD

jane, gonna miss ur sweetness babe... :)

last but not least

will be missing baby boy alot!!!

i'll be back in 2 months to check on u o...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

4days more

counting down the date b4 i leave malaysia,
its 14th jan 2011 now, 2.09am.

extras feelings, all kinds of feelings coming through right now...

especially at this hour.. where emotional feelings just burst in with no preparation.

not any words can describe my feelings now..
this year leaving, feels different,
and i dont know why. never even have the time to think why,
just gonna fill my time spending time with families, my baby boy, and friends.
filling my times with extra outings

countless tear drops.

everynight taking a deep breath,
trying to think something else which will make me more happier.


anyhow, gonna wish everyone a prosperous bunny year..

only have one wish for CNY,

is to spend a good time with my mum, and stepdad in the states..


5th day, b4 leaving

spent this day with my college mates,
not really a farewell, bt just to meet up before i leave Malaysia.
went to a place name, Fisherman's Cove in Starhill.
one of my dearest friend, used to call her little bieber, :)
she introduce me this place..
having good food with good price,and good environment.
only 3.60 per item..
unbelieveable, but believe it.

headed to pavilion and walk around.
so gonna miss CNY here in KL so much,
but hope i'll have a great CNY in the states with winter..:)

pictures while we're eating in Fisherman's Cove. <3

Roshan Muda Ng!.

Fikri and his lovely friends.. :)

Yeeng , my Lovely Junior.. <3

one more shot b4 we ciaoz.

didnt really took much photos,
but this day is my first time hanging out with a bunch of different races friends..
i love it though. <3
super hilarious day which builds up 6packs!...
will miss u guys alot!!...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Counting down

gonna say hi again to the beautiful ocean of san francisco ,
16days more , counting down!...
this time i promise myself,
gonna shop till my ass drop!
not gonna waste my single day there laying on bed.
gonna spend my cny there with my mum and step father!
wish all of you a prosperous chinese new year!!

missing lately

has been missing alot of post lately,
many things going on,
vivi's farewell, huannie's birthday celebration, baby's shop opening, christmas celebration, langkawi trip and recently new year countdown at baby's shop with babes and bros.
tons and tons,
too many, cant even remember all..
but these are the memorable moments in part of my life
not gonna talk much or post much pictures here, due to too many things to post lately

just gonna post one pic of each occasion and outings :)
babe Lily and myself <3

been working in parkson annasui for 7days on th 1st of dec,

my new friends of Anna sui!..

welcoming u to be part of my life now XD

Langkawi with baby, and the couple,
22nd -24th dec
Merry christmas readers!

double V farewell party at starlight,
we have so much to talk!!!
we are the new GG now i think... *evil grin*
she's leaving to penang for real now,
after for so long she have plan.
some people may take it in a sad or negative farewell celebration,
but to me, this shown that you've grown up,
and serious about living together with him :)
wish u all the BEST in penang!
i'll always love you... i do!
(Jane didnt make it due to exam the next day :(..)
Nana pie with me <3

Babe Leng dengan I.. <3

mwah mwah mwah bao bei <3

after a couple of weeks passed,
she came back again... XD

she misses KL alot!!!

outing with Loves <3

Last but not least,
Aaron's birthday!
happy birthday aaron!!
sorry for the late post... :)
the MBS gang and me ..