Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys 2011

hey yo! grammys is here on 2011.... its their 53rd annivesary...

celebrating the effort of all artist from new to talented.

other then knowing who's the winner, outfit and dressings were look too on the red carpet.

some are awesome pretty, but some can be weird like lady gaga. who knows whats she's gonna wear.. but guess what this year she made it simple but with a thing which look likes a placenta egg appeared.

as the below, was my fav dresses of all <3

kim kardashian look awesome with the colour of the dress which matches her skin so good... perfect.

as to Katy perry i was surprise on what she wears, but she always goes for the cute and sweet look. thats her people! Katy perry....

Selena Gomez, wow.... she look absolutely stunning yesterday at the grammy's

she was the guest for announcing the nominies. she's only 18 but she did great here trying to show the fans that she can go futher then that but still look like 18 :)

as for Rihanna, ..
her dress was super all different... her body looks great on it, the curves, the back and front.
phew weet....

i was surprised that taylor swift wasnt nominated and she was not there for the grammy's.
but never say never.

congrats to all the grammy winners,
especially to bruno mars, lady antebellum, lady gaga and eminem.

Bruno mars was performing his hits song grenade.
this is the best version of it..
u can feel him when he sang...

enjoy the video readers...XD

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