Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hang out days!

on the 6th of january..

bao bei text me and ask me out for a date..^^

of coz i say yes!.. i always say yes to her...^^

she is too cute and cant resist...hhahaa

so buddy casey tag along with us..

its been so long never see him... :)
at last get to see him.. even though just a few hours...

think back all those time when we first got to know each other few years back...

i really appreciate this friendship we had...^^

anyway.. bao bei. of coz i miss her as well...^^

for you bao bei.. no one beats the time we had fun together..

(except for kit zai and my family la) hahaha

so casey came picked us up at 2.00pm.. he is so late!

but i forgive.. haha coz he is so nice...come all the way to my house to just pick me up..

so we bao bei wanted to try this new restaurant...

name... weissbrau...

not bad the food!.. filling and very filling on money too haha^^

! sayang dekat mu.... (L)

three of us went and catch up a movie.. the vampire asistant...

its okay...

not really that good.. but okay.... :)

after than baby pick me up from the train station..
and we headed to the Naili's restaurant in Sentul..

beautiful place....

this whole holiday month..

i really had fun with all my families especially!...

everyone is here in kl...

it is hard to have this kind of gathering.. when everyone is staying all over around the world..

i cherish the moment with my mum, step dad, bro and sister, my cousins, and all my aunts and uncle.. and my grandma definitely!...^^

love you all much!...

i will study hard and try my best to never let you all down!..

i know you all pamper me alot!...


love.. liz

wedding bells!!.. ding dong

i'll first upload my sister's wedding picture first...

coz i need to get all my sister's wedding picture from the photographer.. and my brother's camera!

then only i am able to post this..^^

stay tune peeps!

love ,liz

ps: congrats to li lian my beloved sister and Chris my brother in law..^^


oh ya....
holidays holidays holidays...

my holidays started on the 19th dec... and ends on the 11th of january 2010..
which is a few days more..!!!
and ... now only i am here to update my old faded blog.!

so sorry friends... :(

hope all this picture i am uploading will help you girls and guys to know what am i busy about..
for the whole holiday!

19th was my last day of exam.. my semester 4 exams!...

and thank god... semester 5 will be my last and i am graduate!!.. hooray!

anyway.. back to the point..
my cousin from paris.. name estelle paul.. ^^
is coming back right on the same date of my last day exam..

that sounds great to me!..

coz i will have more time to spend with her..

and actually.. all my relatives from different country all coming back to kl..

just for my elder sister's wedding dinner on the 1st of january 2010!!...

so we all get so exciting... through out the whole holiday..

preparing this and preparing that.... ..!!

so here are few of the picture taken when i brought my little sweetie estelle to shop!

we took hell alot of silly's picture..

but not posted here..
you people can see it on my facebook anyway..

glad to see her all grown up!!..

big girl!

ya so on the christmas eve!..

me and my bf...
and my bf's sister and her bf...

plan to go for a dinner a the revolving.. but end up...

too much for the price just for a dinner..
so we change to the sweetie old victoria station!...

definitely bringing my estelle along...^^

but before that we were at pavillion first..

do some shopping...^^

for the christmas eve countdown..
we were invited my all mr bro's and babes to go to genting..

but we dont wanna stuck in all the jams..

so we cancel.. :(
sorry bros!

end up.. we were at the "chandellier" bistro near midvalley!..

starting was kinda boring...

but we make a laugh out of just camwhoring...^^

my new christmas gift for myself...^^

charles and keith bag!^^

on the christmas day guess who is back ??

my mum and my step dad!!.. they're definitely coming back all the way from san francisco..
for my sister's wedding..^^

so my aunt from paris came back.. mum came back..
uncle from sabah is back too..!!

so the whole family went to malacca for a night!

its hard to find a chance to gather together when everyone is staying everywhere around the world..

malacca was a good trip for us to spend time together.!

this are all the pictures we took when we're in malacca!

my aunt from paris..

and my newly wed sister!^^

with all the cousins... my sister and step dad!^

uncle Al and mum!..^^

all right...
so the next coming pictures is not anymore in malacca...

my auntie doris plan to take me and estelle.. to do a little shopping..^^

so we went pavillon,, lot 10.. and more!

did manage to get something..^^

thanks ah yi!

this post will end here...
next will be coming..

my sister's wedding on the 1st...^^

stay tune everyone...^^

love .. liz