Monday, June 21, 2010

no life

its been a while since the last time i've blogged.
feeling so outdated recently,
dont shop no more, dont hang out with my babes no more, and lots more.

I've start my internship almost a month already.
working at a PR company named Brandthink company.
i get to absorb alot experience from this internship.
i'm actually glad that i enroll into this PR Agency.

but due to working, i spend less time with everyone,
because i finally understand what so good about sleeping after start working. *hiak hiak*

i hope i have more time to blog more about my life and taking pictures where ever i go.
but it seems that spirit in me its losing.

all i do now is work work work and sleep sleep sleep.

no life.

i feel so regret and bad for all my friends out there that i've neglected alot.

and not appearing in alot of outings.

but i know you all understand my situation. as to one thing i dont drive.
this is the biggest issue of all bcoz i am 21 already for pass 6 moonth.

anyway, i am getting a license soon. hope everything goes well and i promise whenever i have time i'll definitely spare time for anyone of you at anytime when i can.

<3 liza