Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Mist

If i was not mistaken,

on the 18th of Sept,

myself, Babe Leng and her sister Liz,

plan to go for Hennessy Artistry @ Mist.

So since i've never been before and we have passes,

so why not.

while we were heading over,

Babe evangeline and babe Cherrie beep us.

so we actually told them, we do not know the way.. XD

and they lead us there... thanks babys!!!

went over and meet Ivan gor...

and also Ranson CMG..

but he's MIA d...

sorry i am too lazy to type.

just small amount of pictures taken... :'(

Evangie, Cherrie, Ivan, Myself ,Leng, Liz

Overall the event was.. Okay laaaaa...
we went off early but evangeline and cherrie stay longer for the party.
glad to have you both there, if not,
i will be wondering what am i and Leng and Liz gonna do.. ==

Ivan non stop calling us "besi"!!!
duh.... cause me and Leng had our braces already,
and we're like finally,
we're one step closer to be call, perfect :)
though i know nothing is perfect,
but i'm proud that we actually did it!!..
thanks babe for the guts you gave to me..
without you, i'll be still thinking about it wheather to do it or not doing it..


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Jane's 18th birthday

Welcome to my Jane's Baby birthday post
Finally Jane aka Chuckei is half legally 18th!... yeah!
21 then your consider fully legal sweetie. :)
alright, lets begin.
Jane's birthday bash was held at La Risata Restaurant at Ampang.
myself and Leng was totally lost when we were looking for that place,
bt we end up , reach safe and sound.:)
we girls are not "long dek hui ming"..
we can drive ourself and find our own way MAN!...XD
so we were over extremely late, when we arrived,
everyone already started eating.. :(
sad case, so yeah, we sat down and start munching on our carbonara..
Many were there,
All the Long-Time-No-See Babes,
Helen, Jacklyn,
and then we have the evangie, cherrie, doreen, qin en, miki, Liz and daphne.
and then we also have as usual nana, vivi, jane , leng.
camwhoring in the washroom as usual XD

myself, bao bei, Leng, Jackie, & Helen

us with Doreen the Doll..:)

Yeah with my beloved bao bei vv definitely.
cannot be missed.XD

The girl right there next to me is Miki.
just get to know for the pass few weeks!..
loving you.. <3
Evangie and Cherrie on the right side

Helenness Babe, myself & Birthday girl Jane aka Chuckei

Finally a one on one picture with this fella..
aikx! =.=' the last time i took a picture with you was Juice opening,
years ago maybe?
p/s: and stop saying ur ***. XD

Bao bei say i molest her..
mana ada a.. its call the touch of Love... <3

girls gossipping session.

alright! i look fat here.

The twins, Evangeline and Cherrie..<3

Making wishes time.

picture with the birthday girl!
happy birthday babe!...
your party was awesome :)

been seeing her so much lately,
love you XD
thanks for all the rides!! and everything...

Ah Lai, Qin En and Liz tag along in the picture

Checky polaroid time.

4 at a time

Miki/Mini mouse in the house.

Cant stop laughing when he starts laughing...
my god!.. XD

Last but not least, group picture..
p/s: but where's Doreen???? and why Jane's friends are hiding at the back!..

Anyway Happy 18th birthday to babe once again!!!
and have a blast!
loving you...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010