Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers + candles

outfit of the day... while i'm here at california, shopping and enjoying my days, but some people at the other side of the world aint that lucky...... :"(

Pls pray for Japan, there are nothing for me to explain about this post since everyone in the world knows what happened. i'm not gonna post any videos or footage of the disaster which rip my heart out in pieces each time i watch it. i really pray hard for the people there, hope families that are still waiting news about their beloved from japan will be heard, and stay strong and hang on there, i bet hope and help will be coming from all around the world.
Sometimes i just wish that God will just take my life, everything and leave the people and nations alone....
God bless Japan <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

another saturday gone

hey guys and girls, another weekend gone, isnt it fast? suddenly i am starting to feel that days pass kinda fast now. how's your saturday been? shopping? movie? karaoke? or staying home all day? For me, as usual, mum have her off day, and we went somewhere nearer this time, a shopping mall call downtown mall. A "pretty" small mall... maybe a size of jaya jusco, and their having big sales, coz spring its coming and winter clothes have extra extra sales and i am excited!!!!!!!! XD coz i am gonna spend spring at paris and new york. just cant wait to live the weather of spring, with flowers blooming, trees turn green...... loves*. The weather yesterday was really good, like 60++ fahrenheit and so i pick a jeans jacket and a long dress to go on with. Hoping i wont be too cold, end up, my outfit pretty okay for the weather :)

so before heading to the mall, as usual, my mum will go to an outlet at petaluma, small outlet probably around 30 shops.

after shopping in petaluma, we head to our favourite vietnamesse restaurant call Simply Vietnam, this is probably the best vietnamese restaurant i've ever been. The malaysia vietnamese restaurant is not as good as this too.

ordered my favourite "pho" noodle with beef steak *slurp*

this is probably my favourite appetizer here too, egg roll :)

lemongrass spring roll


My mum's friend and herself enjoying meal :)

Mum and my step dad <3
after the meal, we went and visit my mum's friend, and while the aunties doing their chatting, i'm playing with this little boy... he is 4 years old now, and i see him growing up from baby, to walking and now, talk like nobody business, im kinda sad when i came this time he dont remember me at all, but i understand, he was too young at that time to remember me :)

i kinda like this drink, i wonder does malaysia has it?

bought myself these, so i can style up when i'm at my next vacation next month... :)

new shoe♥

one more shot before ending post.... :)
ignore my hand please.... LOL..... 2 weeks and 4days for now.. i'm glad at last the 3 is not there anymore... i'll be back in no time malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
♥xoxo, L

Thursday, March 3, 2011


heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelooooooooooooooooooooo, i'm getting crazy here. Bored to death, almost! arfhhh.....Fine! i am being ridiculous now, trying to entertain myself lately in my room, posing, changing, youtube'ing some exercise which i can do in my room. Lame right? I know... argh! here's the countdown, 3weeks and 2 days more, DANG! the 3 word is still there! God Bless America! -.- keep webcaming with baby and my cousin from paris lately, like alot, due to my sickness which is call the 'boringness'-.-. sleeping late and getting up late lately, eyes getting puffy and literally black, as in dark choco black. ugh, dont wanna imagine what will happen in 3 weeks if i cont be like this.
sorry bout my complaining, just i'm too "wu liao " here.. XD
gotta go to bed now... mwah mwah readers <3

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy 22nd birthday babe

Happy birthday to mua babe Leng, its her 22nd birthday last week, and i cant be there for her :( its the second year that i'm not there for her birthday, because every year her birthday and my year visiting my mum in san francisco comes together. So sorry darling :( hope i can be there for ur next birthday ... i'll try to fix my time next year.

i just saw your video recorded by your friend on your party last week, damn i missed ur party, everyone is there screaming and singing for you... :)
anyway, happy birthday once again babe!.... i hope u did enjoyed ur party and had a great time. you know i love u alot and care for u alot.
me, valerie and vivi will come back soon and reunion with u girls soon...

<3 love u lots Leng,
xoxo L