Monday, February 28, 2011

nothing matters in ♥

Hi! How are you guys doing? its monday ablue again, i bet some of u might be struggling to wake up or hating the jams while otw to work. my monday pass by staying home and 24 hours either sleeping, tv, or with my laptop. i guess thats all i can do now right?
anyway, i was watching the Oscar's yesterday live on abc. Congrats to natalie portman and other Oscar's winners. Definitely they deserve it, and the red carpet fashion was gorgeous! Beautiful dresses, heels, and hair do's. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez werent invited to the Oscar's but they were invited for the vanity fair oscar's after party. This is their first time appear as a couple, walking hand in hand into the red carpet. There has been alot f rumours going on about them, and they were also caught kissing and going vacation together, and come one, stop denying it, you both are dating!

glad that they finally show up in couple at this event, though they didnt accept any interview or announcing any, but it was offiicial because they were hand in hand. We can see how much JB has grow, his height his body, his now taller then Selena surprisingly. Selena is now 19 and JB turn 17 today.The both of them prove something to me that, age and height is not a matter in relationships. i bet they were dating before this already when Jb was alot shorter then Selena, and who says that height and age is a matter, i've definitely dated ppl who are years younger and shorter than me,but love is all it matters. I really bless them with happiness. Seeing justin is like seeing him grow, from the first day he started his career, he had grow so much. i do hope he appreciates all he's having now, and never destroy his career while he grow, because he still have a long way to go in his life.

they were caught kissing here months ago

these are the pictures yest in the vanity fair events, appearing as couple XD

wish them both happiness and love through the relationship <3


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