Monday, February 28, 2011

nothing matters in ♥

Hi! How are you guys doing? its monday ablue again, i bet some of u might be struggling to wake up or hating the jams while otw to work. my monday pass by staying home and 24 hours either sleeping, tv, or with my laptop. i guess thats all i can do now right?
anyway, i was watching the Oscar's yesterday live on abc. Congrats to natalie portman and other Oscar's winners. Definitely they deserve it, and the red carpet fashion was gorgeous! Beautiful dresses, heels, and hair do's. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez werent invited to the Oscar's but they were invited for the vanity fair oscar's after party. This is their first time appear as a couple, walking hand in hand into the red carpet. There has been alot f rumours going on about them, and they were also caught kissing and going vacation together, and come one, stop denying it, you both are dating!

glad that they finally show up in couple at this event, though they didnt accept any interview or announcing any, but it was offiicial because they were hand in hand. We can see how much JB has grow, his height his body, his now taller then Selena surprisingly. Selena is now 19 and JB turn 17 today.The both of them prove something to me that, age and height is not a matter in relationships. i bet they were dating before this already when Jb was alot shorter then Selena, and who says that height and age is a matter, i've definitely dated ppl who are years younger and shorter than me,but love is all it matters. I really bless them with happiness. Seeing justin is like seeing him grow, from the first day he started his career, he had grow so much. i do hope he appreciates all he's having now, and never destroy his career while he grow, because he still have a long way to go in his life.

they were caught kissing here months ago

these are the pictures yest in the vanity fair events, appearing as couple XD

wish them both happiness and love through the relationship <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lovin this City

Another week passed. good indeed... 3 weeks and 4days to go. Sounds like its nearer. XD So lately i've been sleeping quite late like in am's. many friends accompanying me in msn and fb, and u know who u r if ur reading :) and i trying to keep up with kl time i guess. Having pretty bad eye bags and dark circle now...wondering how am i gonna fix this when i'm back to KL... haih~
and i cant wait to go back because i'll have a busy month on april when i go back, 3 trips and wedding dinner to attend, and my birthday!wu hoo.... lets look forward!!!
Okay! lets not get sad about all my late sleeps and puffy eyes coming up thing.. picture below shows that im trying to capture the golden gate bridge from outside the window and myself in the shot, and i think i did it. did i?? LOL. were passing by the bridge when we're on the way to San francisco downtown for shopping. i seriously dont know what is the history and story about this Golden Gate Bridge, but pretty everyone knows it and its a tourist attraction place.

view from car window

spot the golden gate bridge from my window?

mum came back on friday and say "lets go to San francisco tomorrow!" , and i was like what? what????? serious?..... yippie!! im happy... cant wait to drive down to that beautiful city.. so ita about 1 hour and 30 minutes drive, i was trying to entertain myself in the car with camwhoring and being silly with the camera... XD

the weather was extremely cold! you can see water dripping turns to ice when it touches the car god!.. probably lower then 10 degree celcius! my lips are cracking, turning all red, and i need cherry chapstick right now!...
we stop our car at starbuck just to get a cup of coffee for my mum, and a green tea latte for myself. Slurpee! missing it <3 href="">
showing off my new shoes i bought in vacaville. so Comfy...... :)and ignore my smelly shoe at the side LOL

Finally we arrived! after all the long hours drive and traffic. one shot of me and my beloved parents! <3>
let the pictures talk....

this is Wenye in this picture, she's a malaysian. but she migrated over here when she was 14 and she found me on faceook knowing me will be here.. so this is our first time meeting, she definitely is a sweet girl..:) never thought meeting friends in San Francisco, cant wait for ur trip to KL so i can bring u around girl.... <3>

she brought us to a Thai restaurant,uhm!!! the food is delicious, thanks Wenye :)

Thank you mama! <3>

as usual went to few of my fav shops!..

though we only spend half day at the city, but its worth it! it is beautiful... wish to go down again.alright its time for a bath!!im trying to post more things soon to keep my babes and friends out there updated! coming back soon.... <3>

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


have you guys tried, like when ur trying to solve problems here, and that person turn her back on u, and say yes she would like too, but her heart does not? some people try so hard to fix things back and at least turn it back times but the other person does not want too.

sometimes, its hard to maintain a friendship between u and someone, when there are so many friends in ur life running around, comes and go. i really do appreciate friends who i know for yearsssss backk then, they still stick around in my life now, being part of my life. i believe everyone wants to have a friend better then having an enemy, why cant u just let go, and accept the fact that we're all grown up now. maybe there are things that i did back than which probably u'll be remembering it until now, but honestly speaking, i dont rmb at all. i always admit if i did smtg wrong, i dont push it away, i admit and accept it. if yes i really did then sorry, but what u want me to do? kill myself? vanish myself?

if making myself invisible in ur life makes u happier, i will just treat that u doesnt exist, but why u keep spelling out my name when u doesnt like me to exist? this is making u more misereable then i am.
one of my friend sended me a msg on tweeter and what she said was right. people who spend time on hating someone else, are more tired then ppl who are being hate.

i seriously not tht kind of person who likes drama, and argue for nothing. what we are doing now is pointless. maybe u feel is meaningful for u, but not me.
if u hate me tht much, just treat that i doesnt exist alright? no more spelling out my name, just i doesnt exist, that will make it alot easier.

honestly, i've tried to fix things, and then u did tht, i was syok. never thought someone will say that to me, i never thought someone will hate me that much.

i'm done! we're done. u make the situation alot uglier than i imagine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

shopping spree ♥

Hello my readers, hope u guys had a great weekend but for me i had a great weekend definitely. Mum keep her promise and took a day off, brought me to Vacaville Premium Outlet . it is so big!! we dont even have the time to walk the whole outlet though we spend like more then 6 hours there. Imagine how big that can be? so me, my mum, my stepdad and one of my aunt we just walk one side of the outlet where our fav shops is, such as, coach( My mum hella crazy inside coz its so cheap :), we spend almost 1hour and more inside) , DKNY, Juicy couture, adidas, nike, lacoste, polo, gucci, burberry and alot more! i didnt buy much stuffs for myself because i spend all my money for my bf and presents for friends. :( but its fine. im happy :)
before i show u all my pictures,
tell u guys smtg! i was so pissed when we were otw there, because i forgot to bring my most important thing , come on! im on vacation and my camera is left at home on my bed!!!!
i was so PISSED! like pissed pissed! but i can do ntg, but just F'ing deal with it. ARGH! Luckily my aunt brought hers, though not tht good quality, at least better then nothing. But i end up, didnt take much pictures coz it was so cold there, almost like 8 degree celcius. No mood to take picture with those sucky weathers. Awwww, i miss KL weather so much!

so this is roughly how the place look like, but i can probably just google the pictures and put it here, but i guess using my own pictures are better. :)

it looks not tht much here, but trust me, the back of our car was like full of shopping bags till when u open it, those things are gonna fall out the car. haahhahaha Thanks mum!

My beloved mum and myself! i have no choice but take pic when we're at home with my camera.

my stepdad and myself, u guys will be wondering, isnt my stepdad a white? hehe. He's an american, but he's mix american, mexican and portugese, thats why he's dark. No matter what, he is such a lovely guy, nobody doesnt likes him :)

3 of us♥

Me and my new stuffs. welcome home "stuffs" XD

so our next trip will be to San Francisco City......... i wanna go there and shop again!hope my mum got her off days again. After a fun weekend, i bet my whole next week is staying home again....


♥xoxo , L

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chelsea Lately

just watched chelsea lately yesterday interviewing JB.
you know what i like best about this interview, its not JB, its Chelsea Handler, she's hilarious and funny. And she's like "yea girlfriend?? really???"

XD makes me laugh out loud.

JB is trying to be funny with her, and guess what it works. At least better then the interview before where he seems being joked by Chelsea.

to all JB's Fans or Chelsea Handler fans who have not seen it, hope u enjoy the interview :)

this one is probably one year ago.

this was yesterday

this is the link that JB mentioned in chelsea lately about the Lesbian's lookalike JB. Click it and look at those Lesbian lookalike JB.

i enjoyed it!

xoxo, L

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dead week

So, how is KL been? raining? sunny? windy? awww i miss KL so much!.. i bet if i am in KL now i'll be either driving out hanging out with babes or having great lunch with my college mates. As to al my close friends, you girls know i hate staying home and when i stay home for days, means i am not cleaning up for days. Ewwww, imagine how stinky that can be? and pimples popping out, oily face and so on.. Speechless!
As for here,its been raining really bad lately. This is like a long live the rain! its been like that since sunday and its already tuesday now. According to the news, yeah its gonna rain till friday. But i'm praying hard that saturday rain will stop coz we r going to vacaville . its like a premium outlet, i'll post more pictures of it on saturday so you guys can have a picture of how it looks like.

look at how dead the weather is, this is call Winter. -.-

so since its raining season, my stepdad plan to cook dinner for me. yeah! So his cooking and i seriously dont know what is it,, coz usually back in kl, we will be eating rice, noodle, spaghetti, pasta or whatever is it, but not ,



but it all comes out taste good XD. especially the bacons, slurp! but i know i need to gain as much weight as i can here, but not gain oil!.. maybe i should eat more bread ,cheese and drink more milk instead, to make me look like i gain weight. Anyway thanks uncle Al... Love you. <3

so basically, laptop and television is my friend here now.. dont mean to make it sound boring here but it isssss.
15th feb 2011 4.30pm

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammys 2011

hey yo! grammys is here on 2011.... its their 53rd annivesary...

celebrating the effort of all artist from new to talented.

other then knowing who's the winner, outfit and dressings were look too on the red carpet.

some are awesome pretty, but some can be weird like lady gaga. who knows whats she's gonna wear.. but guess what this year she made it simple but with a thing which look likes a placenta egg appeared.

as the below, was my fav dresses of all <3

kim kardashian look awesome with the colour of the dress which matches her skin so good... perfect.

as to Katy perry i was surprise on what she wears, but she always goes for the cute and sweet look. thats her people! Katy perry....

Selena Gomez, wow.... she look absolutely stunning yesterday at the grammy's

she was the guest for announcing the nominies. she's only 18 but she did great here trying to show the fans that she can go futher then that but still look like 18 :)

as for Rihanna, ..
her dress was super all different... her body looks great on it, the curves, the back and front.
phew weet....

i was surprised that taylor swift wasnt nominated and she was not there for the grammy's.
but never say never.

congrats to all the grammy winners,
especially to bruno mars, lady antebellum, lady gaga and eminem.

Bruno mars was performing his hits song grenade.
this is the best version of it..
u can feel him when he sang...

enjoy the video readers...XD

V's Day

Happy valentines day everyone,
its 14th feb 2011 now, 2.08pm.

just wanna wish all couples and friends and families to have a very memorable and romantic day with ur loves ones, valentines can be for anyone, from partners to families or friends.
spend this day with ur special one and tell them hw much u love "us".

valentines to me is another day or occasion for us to celebrate.
some people or couples might take it as a big day, but some couples might not.
but whatever is it, no matter is valentines day or whatever couples day,
we shld love and cherish our love ones.... and remember to never forget ur love ones back home on valentines, coz without them, there will never be you.

this was my first ever pic with my baby boy....
it was on valentines day too..but this was taken at 2009.
look how innocent we looked.. XD

just want you to know, though i m not there with u for valentines and our annivesary,
but no big deal, coz we have it every year. but for us, everyday is a valentines day <3

Love You, xoxo