Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy 22nd birthday babe

Happy birthday to mua babe Leng, its her 22nd birthday last week, and i cant be there for her :( its the second year that i'm not there for her birthday, because every year her birthday and my year visiting my mum in san francisco comes together. So sorry darling :( hope i can be there for ur next birthday ... i'll try to fix my time next year.

i just saw your video recorded by your friend on your party last week, damn i missed ur party, everyone is there screaming and singing for you... :)
anyway, happy birthday once again babe!.... i hope u did enjoyed ur party and had a great time. you know i love u alot and care for u alot.
me, valerie and vivi will come back soon and reunion with u girls soon...

<3 love u lots Leng,
xoxo L

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