Monday, August 31, 2009


so finally.. i am back to poppy..
it's been so long since the last time i step into poppy...
but actually that day was baby's friends birthday but i tag along so that i can meet up my babes..^^ safe time..
so as usual.. i called bao bei and told her i will be there and hope she will come along ..
and she manage to tag along with me for awhile..
so long never see her...

and of couse... babe val was there.. she needs to work definitely..^^
thank you valerie for all the things u did tht day..
so sorry to trouble ^^

3 of us...
love it..^^

with bao bei...
we need to really take pictures more often and see more often..
but i believe though we dont see each other as much as previous time..
we still "talk non stop" when we see...^^
love u much!^^

sweetie val...^^

vincent and miao was there..

lily and myself

oh ya.. we went to poppy that day with chee keen and his wife..^^

i felt so tired that day when the clock starts to touch 1am...
all this time i have been sleeping early and wake up early to classes..
not used to poppy's time already...
good news or bad news??

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