Wednesday, August 19, 2009

wedding bells

another wedding bells is gonna happen soon..
cheers to the couples..^^
on the 19th august 2009..
baby's eldest sister having their photo shooting session..
i mean wedding ones...
so i tag along with his family to go and have a look..^^

it was located at the ivory romance in loke yew..
beautiful shop and nice design..

overall is fun going out with baby;s family..
^^ their funny...

so this is baby's sister.. her name is siok yee..^^

baby dealing with his shoe..^^

myself and the bride...
where is the groom???

myself, bride, and baby's second elder sister.. mei yee..^^

myself and baby..

baby is always so playful.. playing with allt he grooms costume!..
naughty... piak piak!!

us again hehe.. :)

bride with her sister and mother..

what is he trying to do??
mu turn?? haha

auntie and uncle are married..
wanna marry again?? haha

those are real..
look fake is it?

^^ mei yee jie jie likes taking pictures..
same like me.. haha

thats all for the day..
what about the groom??
haha went missing.. to shy and tired to entertain us girls..
coz he got tons pictures to take.. haha

poor thing..
but its worth of tiring...


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