Sunday, August 16, 2009

sweetie nana's 18th birthday!

on the 15th of august...
two of my friends birthday..
i gotta pick go..
one is my babe... another one was my long time no see school mate..
omg!.. i was so confusing.. but in the end.. i was in
so i end up went to babe nana's party at federal hotel..
but before that... i suppose to meet up all my babes for a drink and lunch..
plus looking for present.. but end up.. some show up.. some dont..
ish..!... cancel again.. but at least we meet at night at the party...
that's totally fine with me..
so at first baby wants to get a hair cut.. so we went to maxx hair saloon..
done already!
we just chill at starbucks for awhile..
i guess who i met!... liyi!..
my lao poh.. omg!.. since ages never see her.. we have tons to talk..^^
this is her.. start from left.. li yi, bao bei and myself.
this picture was taken maybe a year ago.. hehe

ok so let me continue...
after chillin... meet babe nana and maxx hair saloon.. getting her nails done.
so took some picture with her..
happy birthday sweetie!.

n then we went boundless.. babes picture time..

when we were chilling at leng's hse.. we took some pictures too...

meet babe jack at so she decided to join us!
hella long never hug this sweetie pie de..!


so once we arrive de hotel..
party start.. camwhore!
all girls.. look how happy we are... :)

finally all babes is inside the frame...^^

happy birthday sweetie!..
big girl.. and be a good girl..!..

wow... present time..
i left early with baby coz we have something else to do..
sorry babe..
but i hope u like the pressie..

babe nana and myself...^^

got this Polaroid pictures from babe chuck's blog.. nicey..^^
love ya..^^

another sweetie of mine.. val!.. love u much

bao bei really make me laugh always!..

didnt manage to take much picture with babe leng and babe chuck! :( forget bout them.
so sorry..
:( will see someday and catch up right?

love you guys...

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