Thursday, August 13, 2009


one word!.... bored-nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
suppose to go out today...
let me tell u the story..
first babe val say "lets all go out and meet babe.. at 1pm at times square, all babes be there except for leng and nana"
and then another few hours... babe val say" babe change to saturday.. we wait along for leng also coz she is not working on saturday"
then i say ok.. cancel..
then 5.04 am.. bao bei vv text me said " bao bei still wanna out?? you wake up call me la..."
ok i woke up at 9am.. call bao bei..
end up lazy.... too early... then cancel..
later on madeline babe say she is too bored... so lets go out without them..
so ok.. i myself and madeline get prepare... almost done...
then, my house sky turns dark.... raining... :(.. sien la!!!
so cancel again!!.... so bored today.. bored of cancelation...!.. haha

sien nya!!!!

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