Friday, September 4, 2009


there are some commercials i would like to share with u all...
funny and humorous!.
actually it was our consumer behavior assignment.. where we have to search for how the ads actually attract the consumer!..
fun though... there are some ads really stays in my mind..
creative media people..^^
so here it is this is the first one i recommend.. the 1997 hong kong mcdonald ads..
trying to promote fish and fillet...enjoy..

this is another one.. from sunsilk..
haha they really manage to portray the shampoo will actually drive people nuts.. haha

another one.. from hong kong too.. rejoice shampoo..
haha this is hilarious.. a little stupid..

i like the part where he stop and stunt for a little while..
and the dogs bark.. ^^

this is another one.. which is so sad ...!!!
about dog. u wont know it is about that till u watch till the end..^^

hella funny...!

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