Thursday, August 20, 2009

sudden quiet..

sad to say this..
some of my friends are leaving me.. or us..

there are some who confirm leaving and there are some maybe leaving..
"really.. i understand the situation..
sorry to say.. heartache definitely got... we've been spending so much time together..
since the semester 1.. we help each other to pass or even score for exams..
and now.. almost half of the course we've been seeing each other most of the time..
but things change and humans might change due to the environment..
i totally understand...
thanks for always saying.. "okay" "sure" "anything" whenever we ask for help...
haha... next time meet new friends say something longer la!!..

as u say.. sudden quiet...
for me .. a sudden quiet is where i receive knowledge now..

no worries.. i cherish u guys a lot..
i guarantee.. we will still meet somehow somewhere..

we will...

no hard feeling drew...
just wanna express.. ^^..

p/s: wish u have a bright future.. somewhere where u going on after this...^^
good luck buddy!!...
love always... Liza

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