Sunday, September 13, 2009

random outing

at last... my class mates willing to accompany to shop with me!!..
i've been begging them to go with me on friday..
need to get bikini for my next week thailand trip and a new bag..
tired of carrying my gucci...
always have to hold it tight too worried will be stolen from someone..

so end up they say"ok ok!!.. we go with u"
haha so we call andrew to join us after class since his hse is nearby..
we went to the nearest mall , midvalley..

first we went to the food court to have chicken rice..

i remember when i was maybe in the secondary schools age,
i used to follow my aunties to midvalley...
i remember the chicken rice was good..

pictures when we're in the food court

stephy ho...

mandy chak...

natasha rosa boudville^^


and then stephy brought us to this japanese store sells ice cream..
it was good!

andrew join us later....

we were trying to do what natasha always do..

cover her one eye with her hair..


haha ths all for the day..
at last i manage to get my bikini and my bag..
but i didnt take a picture of it..
maybe u all will someday see it in some of my future pictures...^^


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