Monday, September 7, 2009

for you sweetie valerie's

babe val's day... we celebrated val's birthday 3 days earlier..
due to val's birthday falls on tuesday..
so we make it on weekend,,yippie!!

so we meet all the babes and bro at mcd..
that day was like a reunion..everyone was there..
except for miao and chuckei.. :(
where are u both??
miss you chuck... :(

so we meet at sgwang mcdonalds..
have our dinner together..
thanks to val treating us food the other day...

baby and myself...^^

myself and babe maddy

ah kim...

sweetie val and myself..

bao bei and nana have the same shoe...^^

babes reunion...
chuckei ???

babe nana and me...

babe leng...

sweetie couple...

bao bei and myself... loves**
like this picture much...

so long never take close up pictures with BB....^^

love it!!

sorry babe i cant be there on your birthday at genting..
u know la... i have curfew..^^
but i know u have fun too...^^
i love u much... okay..?
miss you le....
anything must give me a call or msg k??

love you always valerie...

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