Friday, September 25, 2009

sweetie chuckei's day

last saturday if i was not mistaken....
we went to babe chuck's house to have a BBQ session due to her birthday..
but that day was already belated..

didnt do any blowing cake session..
just all together gathered and have some fun..^^

happy belated birthday babe!..
i know u have been so long didnt see me..
as if i am MIA..
but i am always here actually..
when u have problem u dont really tell me..
but i also hope to be a part of your listener...

love you always...
add oil in your spm k sweetie??
studies is always important... other than families..

so before the bbq session..
baby and I meet up the gang up at sg wang..

picture of myself, babe maddy and bao bei...
bao bei change her hair style..
gave me a syok!..
but stil look nice honey.. no worry..

myself and babe maddy

lovey dovey to bao bei...

xtra lovey dovey!!!!

the situation at the BBQ session..^^
everyone was there except babe val and daniel.. :(

sweetie chuckei...^^
happy sweet 17th o...

thats all for that night..
i left early.. coz used to going back early already..
no more night lifes...
feel like i am a little old..


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