Monday, June 1, 2009


hello... peeps.. i am back to blog..
been away from my blog for a a week..
tired of typing and replying messages..
plus i have assignments going on....
so its kinda busy.
everyday busy resting for next day classes and meeting my baby to have lunch and dinner..
sorry for those visitors... sorry to keep u all waiting..^^

so.. here are all the pictures we've taken last saturday.. due to mc botak visit to kl..
so we've plan to go poppy with him..
and to visit his sweetie vivi...

me myself, vivi and botak,.,

long time no see... aaron...

the twins on that night..

my mei mei babe^^
my bb bao bei

my babe chuck..^^

this is one of my really long friend.. we know each other since i am fifteen.. i think its 5 years back..
happy birthday to you kenneth boy!...^^

hon chin the gorilla.. haha

heyo.. the most young look in their group.. josiah...
zhanyit.. the silly one haha

all big head^^

lao poh liyi.. she is a real long friend i haven meet to since i came back from states..
i used to hang out with her when i was 18...
she is such a sweet girl...
saw her in poppy!.. gave me a syok...

last but not least. our pic should not be miss too...
stupid dum dum and me... :)

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