Saturday, June 20, 2009

JUICE opening /// party

JUICE opening ceremony
it was held at bangsar at 3pm...
some people say the shop owns by edison and some said that the boss of the shop invites him to be the ambassador...
which is true??
haha.. who freaking cares...
we're here just to see edison..

so here it is...
though he have scandal issues... and alot bad impression...
but he is still him.. EDISON...
so people still likes him..
so here is the plan...
so we all prepared at 1.30pm and off we went to bangsar..
and the crowd was ok... not too crowded.. but the sun is definitely call HOT!

something hilarious happen...
when Edison came out from the shop and say Hi...
everybody scream and yell for him and try to get a little peep at his look..
so we babes and bro's..//
^^ we actually stand on top of the car of someone which is park in front of the boutique...
and it was like 8 to 10 people on top of it..
when we came down.. the car totally flat...
and we were like... "oops..."
haha... and the next day..
baby and i was flipping the newspaper.. we saw the news about edison on the ceremony..
and the car we actually "ruin"... is in the newspaper!.. haha
(luckily that picture was not taken when all of us in on top of the car)
didnt manage to take a picture of the newspaper to show u guys.. coz my camera low batt..
so... i try to find somewhere if i can i'll show you guys.. its funny for me!

so after the opening ceremony..
all the girls went for shopping..
we went to La Bodega to have a drink..
due to the hotness of malaysia! ish..
so here are all the girls..

me myself, and Helen...
after the ceremony baby pick me up and went home to prepare for the party...
too bad i was not gonna join babe and bro's... coz their going to zouk..
where else. i am going to poppy..
due to frens birthday... i've promise my other friends first..
so sorry... :(
only chance can go zouk.., i missed it..
but i stii had fun with my old school mates at poppy..

took one picture b4 i leave the house, my boy friends doggie...^^

the end

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