Monday, June 1, 2009

life still going on..

on last call me and ask me to go for a movie with his family ...

i say sure no problem..
his sister wanna watch terminator..
that day was the first day the movie is on cinema..
so we went to the nearby complex to catch up a movie...
^^... enjoy it...

few days ago..
i suggest to watch night at the museum with baby...
so we went pavilion and catch up a movie before ah miao and all the babes arrive in pavilion...
its a really hilarious and funny movie..!
cant stop laughing till the end of the movie...

we have tons of assignment..
but at least some is in process...
newspaper assignments its in process.. hope so some one will co operate with us..
to make our job easier..
and... radio assignment with madeline is going well..
just need to record again..
radio for presentation still in proces... 3 page haha!! 10 pages to go..
and the advertising assignment with madeline..should be no problem too...
and the photo!
see told ya!.. assignment tons up!..
i am hardworking when i am.. and lazy when i am lazy haha!
addoil.. gambateh..

the end

past 2 days we went to poppy too..
due to alakazam and shawn from penang came down to kl...
but something happen so i was not in poppy half of the time..
so pictures were not really taken much..
only few.. this is the best of the best pic..
me and bao bei...
sorry babes and bao bei to make u all worry and care for me that day
but everything is ok now..^^

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