Monday, June 1, 2009

loady loady pixxies

at last.. pictures are uploaded... me and mad's camera... but babe leng.. still buzying..^^
so.. first day we step into penang.. for sure we took a nap first..
because.. theu guys drove all night... midnight.. they should be tired..
so me my baby, vv and madeline one room
n then ah bi, leng, vincent and val one room..
and nana, miao, huan and ah lai one room...
that is hw we sort our room..
after taking a nap.. we woke up rushing get prepared.. and then went to gurney to find our penang friends..
which is the shawn and the ah wai haha...
after that we went to the famous food stall in gurney..
i ate non stop.. seriously.. i ate a lot nowadays.. just dont have a clue why..
this is the pictures of the shop owned by shawn and ah wai...
girl modeling haha
all babes... madeline is nt in here.. coz she is the photographer! haha

second day we went to the beach... mc botak(vv's mans) brought us there and we love the sunlight so much..
we taking pictures like nobody business.. it was fun.. but hot though...
my baby dnt like hot so he was sitting aside...
so neglected.. haha!

my babe val..

my bao bei
my babe leng


sei duo kuk fa is back.... hehe

haha.. all the below pictures is hekka funny.. u guys should really zoom and see our funny expression haha..!!...
we just cant stop laughing when we're flashing back all the pictures...^^

after beach time.. we chill at the hotel.. and preparing for next plan..
we went to moist club with all the penang friends...
we had alot of fun.. but due to my 2 and a half inch heels.. its killing me..
so i left early.. but i stil had fun!...
^^ pixxies time

babe i realise we dnt have many pictures of both of us!... sob.. :(
luckily there is this...
love u buny!

the last day we're in penang..
went to the kek lok si temple asam laksa... shit!
it is damn good!... me and leng just cant stop eating the taufu too haha!!

so now i m gonna say something really officially...
this is a new couple... newbie.
congrats!... haha but mc botak u must treat ur mc vivi nice a..!^^
wish u both hou duo fa fa...^^

we reach kl aroung 11 something then i went and meet my bf's sister and mum to have some supper..
after that i rush home..just cant wait to be on my bed...
gd 9!...
trip i will never forget....^^
**love Liz

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