Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayers + candles

outfit of the day... while i'm here at california, shopping and enjoying my days, but some people at the other side of the world aint that lucky...... :"(

Pls pray for Japan, there are nothing for me to explain about this post since everyone in the world knows what happened. i'm not gonna post any videos or footage of the disaster which rip my heart out in pieces each time i watch it. i really pray hard for the people there, hope families that are still waiting news about their beloved from japan will be heard, and stay strong and hang on there, i bet hope and help will be coming from all around the world.
Sometimes i just wish that God will just take my life, everything and leave the people and nations alone....
God bless Japan <3


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  2. thanks for dropping by.. i'll visit urs :)

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