Thursday, January 13, 2011

4days more

counting down the date b4 i leave malaysia,
its 14th jan 2011 now, 2.09am.

extras feelings, all kinds of feelings coming through right now...

especially at this hour.. where emotional feelings just burst in with no preparation.

not any words can describe my feelings now..
this year leaving, feels different,
and i dont know why. never even have the time to think why,
just gonna fill my time spending time with families, my baby boy, and friends.
filling my times with extra outings

countless tear drops.

everynight taking a deep breath,
trying to think something else which will make me more happier.


anyhow, gonna wish everyone a prosperous bunny year..

only have one wish for CNY,

is to spend a good time with my mum, and stepdad in the states..


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