Thursday, August 19, 2010

♥♥Sweetie pie NaNa's Day♥♥

Once again happy birthday to sweetie Nana...♥♥

on the 14th of august,

Babe Nana had a birthday bash at Ecoba, The curve.

at first she told us that the theme was "funky"

as in colourfull,

i was so excited and nervous,

coz firstly i dont look funky right? :)

but in the end she changed in to White party!..

hell yeah, easier to wear and match now... :)

so we were all suppose to wear white,

and the sweet girl wore blue that day...

so yeah this is how her "blue" looks like..

with her birthday cake from Huannie....

we have total more that 20 ppl there including guys and girls.

thanks for inviting babe...

heart you always..

Here are some pictures,

we were playing with one of gifts,

Balloons.... :)

by the way this is call the Chu Yuk Yun..

look at his face..

how round... muahahaha...

Silly action....

Bao bei vivi....
Estelle and vivi in the house... :)

just trying to act cool...


Maddy was there too!!

Omg you've lost alot of weight!.
pls eat... i mean like eat more babe...

happy to see you there.... love ya lots.
we've been through many things together since 19.

hope to see you have a better life..

anyhow, lets not get emo now with maddy's stuffs, :)

here's some pictures of me and my bao bei...

never missed you out too,
we've been through more than anyone can imagine bb....

Evangie is in the house.. :)

Sorry Cherrie didnt manage to catch a picture with you.
hope to see you soon so we can seriously sit down and talk..


Me and my cousin from paris, Estelle.

she comes back every 6 month back and forth.
sorry i was so boring, and i didnt manage to take you anywhere.

but yes it is, my life now is kinda simple....

Liz and me... Leng's younger sista joined us too...

i wonder, where is babe leng? didnt manage to capture with her..

:( saddo!

awww.... Jane and Nana...

they are the youngest among us all,
yet ther gorgeous ones.

love u both alots.
being with u both like being with small little kids filled with love... :)

lovey dovey <3

BB Vivi, maddy and Myself

Polaroid again,

on my birthday i get to keep all of it from Nana's polaroid,

bt this time, its her turn :)

Finally one shot with Jane... <3

The Girls...<3

The boys..

argh Ivan be serious pls.........

Never missed out Babe Jacklyn and Daphne.

Nice to meet you Daphne. <3

and Jacklyn is here,

i'm glad to bump in to her.

i'll always remember all the fun memories we had together before,


Loving u Jack... <3

Finally, let me end with Nana's picture.

Happy 19th birthday once again babe...:)

Love you always.

your always part of my Love too....♥♥

and never gonna miss u out too BUNNY!...

hope u see this.. we'll miss you... :)

P:s - there were more people there, sorry if i didnt really talk, coz it was too noisy and alot people were there.

hope i'll meet you guys and girls again and we'll have a good talk.

especially the guys, no time to entertain you guys.. :)

one and only picture with babe Leng... ;(

where have u been???

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