Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gucci Timepieces 2010

On the 2nd of July 2010,

Branthink PR agency is incharge for the 2010 Gucci Timepieces launch in Malaysia.

as i was currently at that time working for this comoany,

i get to attend this remarkable experience being a part of it.

we were responsible in choosing the venue, the budget, the celebrity, the media people and so on so on.

it was a fun experience seeing how the PR ppl deal with the Gucci workers.

glad to work with them, and its a pleasure.

so at first, the workmanship who is incharge are to be reach at 6am at the venue

which is the CIAO Reataurant.

its an italian restaurant which suits perfectly for Gucci as in the want,

classic feel.

and us ad the pr agency, we reach there at 10am in the morning.

we've invited hundreds of media people from all publications, from tv channels, magazines and newspapers.

there are four celebrities as our Gucci friends which is,

Owen yap, Charmaine Poo, Joey G, and Andrea Fonseka.

Zher from the8tv quickie show was our host for the day.

this is how "inside" looks like before the event starts.
its all a mess!!!!

Before the event end, me any my colleagues took a few picture before we lead the guest out.
due to camera not with me at that moment...
my bold 2 safes my day :)

Cecilia, Zoe and Leann is our PR executive, and me.

This watch caught my attention..... Lovin it

White roses is our theme for the day,
Everywhere you will see white roses in the event :)

manage to capture with the Gucci Friends of the day..
Owen yap and Charmaine Poo.

The event ended at 4pm in the afternoon.
as boss said we can dine in to the restaurant after everything has cleared up.
and we were like "hell yeah"... good dinner after a long day working...
thanks boss :)
Brandthink PR
Love, Liza

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