Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malacca-->satay celup--> car dead

24th August 2010
Baby and Daogei suggested to go a one day trip to ipoh..
but whats good in ipoh? nga choi kai??
hmph.. i dont fancy it at all...
Why not Malacca?
yeah great, when i think about malacca,
i can think about any food which i'll be able to eat there.
Baby picked me up at 6pm, and we rush to DG house as usual...
have a little chat, left the house at 7pm.
picture that we took while waiting for Dao gei and Lily..
anyway his real name is not "dao gei"
and when we call him daogei does not mean he is.. XD
i mean,... its hard to explain here..
anyway he is a 21 year old guy... teehee..
suppose to take 1 hour to reach malacca, bt we ended up,
2 and a half hours =.="
thanks to baby not focusing on the sign board.
and we went to Muar. Shit!..
back to the point,
satay celup for dinner :)

and guess what?

we called Casey! he's in Malacca.. :)

yeah... the picture below showed us taken 8 months ago...

There he is... at satay celup.

Just for a dinner from Malacca,

and heading back to KL..

and he goes "vroom vrooom vroom " with his car..

and suddenly "boop~"..

the car stops..

broken down... :(

waited for 30 min for Miao Moh bro come,

and even Miao came :)

Car toll....

reached home at 2am...Zzzzz

bed time..

had a simple and great night.

*best part is Satay celup*..


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