Thursday, July 16, 2009

used to..not anymore

i bet.. "you guys" know where and when is this picture has been taken..
after reading one of my beloved friend blog,
i realize what he say its coming..
he warn us before that this is not as good as what we think...
but we ignore.. and enjoy the pamperness of it...
and now.. "boom" it hits us...

"seeing u, reminds me of when we used to talk and laugh,
talking bout your lifes and our lifes,
the way you used to treat us.. just like our sister,
but.... not anymore"

like what he says
"Whatever you've told them about us, is what you will say about them the next time a bunch of new kids come around."

because if this.. i think it effects many of us..
we dont have the heart to be in here anymore..
nothing attract us to stay...
we wanna leave as soon..
is that what you wants? or we wants?



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