Thursday, October 28, 2010


talk about recently...

what i've been doing lately..

karaoke, yum cha with the buddies and babes,too much outing lately.

soemtimes just felt like a total useless person..

sitting at home, either sleeping, eating or just catching up with Gossip Girls..

thanks to my beloved evangie, cherrie, nana, daphne and jane..

for succesfully dragging me into this... muahahahaha

anyway no regret watching it..

its aweeeeesomeeee... somehow sometimes i'll wonder how is my life gonna be being in GG.


so other then all this,

i'm actually finally, taking my license class..

yeah i know, people who know me will say "thank god finally!"

other then taking P license lesson,

keeping up with all my dentist appointment every month,

its kinda fun to see it move..i mean my teeth... :)

seriously speaking, never ever see my teeth straight for the past 21 years, ahha..
and now is straight.. at least a little.. *excited*
gonna be flying back to san francisco again on dec..
yeah, remind me of the winter. hate it!
i'm just gonna sit here and wait for my degree intake to start on the jan..
yeah!! unemployed for couple of months..
*Lets Enjoy My Holidays*
xoxo... LizaLim

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