Thursday, October 28, 2010

just like seeing her growing.......

birthday parties had been filing up my schedule lately..
believe me, its like every week
gonna be officially broke soon.
but this time, i can consider its a little different, because it's my beloved baobei aka Vivi 153 19th birthday<3
she know how much i love her.. :)
so i once keep saying i am very bad girl friend indeed,
coz last minute searching for pressie.. hehehe
i thought of, since i gotta go grab present,
must well just date someone to go with me..
and lovely qin en, willing to accompany me..
pavilion as usual..and chatime as our little talking session place

here she is.. qin en :)

thanks for the ride girl... :)

too bad..i totally forgot to take a picture of the bag i bought for her.

but if you do wanna check it out.

u can just click on vivi's blog on my right side of the screen.
i'm sure she'll post it.. :)
this is how the box look like.
i"m so excited to see her reaction when she opens it XD

i bet some of you will be asking who is this?
she is me myself and vivi's bestest friends ever.
we used to share everything so much together.
but things have change, but i'll always appreciate out friendship..
its not easy to build the bond..
i love you laopoh.... <3>

she didnt change much,

coz she still look as pretty as b4.

i'm so jealous... awwwww... <3>

baby jane.. lovin you..<3

trying to make silly face, these 3 girls trying to make me laugh the hell out of me..


sorry miki! i just have to post this.. LOL

never miss out, one of the twins, cherrie here... <3

she told me something that day,

and i was like "wow... u still look good without"


my sweetie lengleng, keep complaining bout her look that day..

u look great babe!!!...

qin en's turn for the shot... <3>

The twins <3>

Miki Mama <3>

The groupie shot.

Birthday girl finally here...


birthday cake made from bao bei's friend.

so nice of her... :*

once again happy 19th birthday bao bei...
i am really glad that i found that present.. :)
its from me and liyi o..
one thing,
i know your leaving soon, next month.
and you told me you were surprise, about my reaction.
just want you to know,
no reaction doesnt mean there are no feelings.
its just, i always take things in a positive ways..
i always wants the best for you...
you know it..
Love, Liza

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