Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Mist

If i was not mistaken,

on the 18th of Sept,

myself, Babe Leng and her sister Liz,

plan to go for Hennessy Artistry @ Mist.

So since i've never been before and we have passes,

so why not.

while we were heading over,

Babe evangeline and babe Cherrie beep us.

so we actually told them, we do not know the way.. XD

and they lead us there... thanks babys!!!

went over and meet Ivan gor...

and also Ranson CMG..

but he's MIA d...

sorry i am too lazy to type.

just small amount of pictures taken... :'(

Evangie, Cherrie, Ivan, Myself ,Leng, Liz

Overall the event was.. Okay laaaaa...
we went off early but evangeline and cherrie stay longer for the party.
glad to have you both there, if not,
i will be wondering what am i and Leng and Liz gonna do.. ==

Ivan non stop calling us "besi"!!!
duh.... cause me and Leng had our braces already,
and we're like finally,
we're one step closer to be call, perfect :)
though i know nothing is perfect,
but i'm proud that we actually did it!!..
thanks babe for the guts you gave to me..
without you, i'll be still thinking about it wheather to do it or not doing it..


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