Friday, April 9, 2010

21st birthday celebration

on my 21st birthday,
glad that my babes spare their moment for me.
we just had a simple celebration between ourself.
firstly we went to KLCC.
we had our lunch at Madam Wong.
Thanks babe Nana for all the polaroid pictures... <3

Bao bei edited this for me.. ahaha

After KLCC,
we moved to pavilion Carlos,
Babe Chuck bought this cupcakes for me as Birthday cake..
how sweet :)

one and only picture where everyone is in it..
but Bunny is nt around,
coz she went to Aussie for her sister's graduation...
but she bought me something after she came back..
i love all the gifts tht day, is all memorable.

Baby bought me a rose!:)
first time ever receiving it...
Awwww How sweet....

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