Sunday, October 11, 2009

hello Ninja Jones..

OMG! i think i've neglected by blog for a month??
due to many assignments and classes everyday..
i just cant open my eyes anymore!..
but ... luckily we are so lucky to have another week of deepavali holiday!
hurrays to the school...^^

anyway so i think 2 weeks ago...

my classmate and myself plan to go Ninja Jones to have a lunch..
it is located at the midvally city..
very nice environment and food!!!

so i fully recommend this restaurant..
for further details..
dont hesitate to ask me on the chat box...^^

so we went there around 1 pm after the consumer behaviour class...

this is myself and the entrance...


cathy.. she is from china..

defnitely cant miss mandy!..^^

little baby stephy.. and cathy

for those who like beef!!

this is the beef you should try.!..

its kobe beef...
rm150 for 100 Gram...

but its a worth of a price!!..

the best thing is..
the waiter actually dress in Ninja costume...
to represent the name of the restaurant..

really unique and worth of eating..^^

Happy deepavali for Hindus...^^

sleeping time... its 2.00am now..^^

1 comment:

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