Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bangkok + simple 22nd

hello readers, been neglecting my blog ONCE again since im back to malaysia from the states.

feel so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad, when vivi told me "u also dont update ur blog "...


im so lazy sometime seriously, but i wanna keep my blog alive at the same time.

hope im not too late,

currently im in paris now, country full of history and fashion.

but before posting pictures of pareeeeee"

i'll post my next post abt my bangkok trip and birthday simple dinner with a few groups of my friends...:)

stay tune! <3

bangkok trip more to come

22nd birthday.... <3

more to come



  1. wow, you've been to so many countries! you must be a pretty and yet knowledgeable lady! hope to read more from your blog! Cheers! :)

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  4. nice cake! haha.. never been to paris! post some picture from there ;D